Visiting the sawmill

The log yard

  • Local timber only
  • Jura is the largest softwood forest in France
  • Our timber is PEFC certified (sustainable forest management)
  • All logs are selected and purchased by Jean-François LORIN, the owner himself.

Construction wood from Jura Mountains is characterized by its homogeneity, fine and tight grain and fine sound knots, which makes it easier to use, even in the most demanding situations.

Canter and band saw

  • Very efficient and modern line with both band saw and Linck canter.
    - Band saw offers output flexibility and bespoke production, joinery selected boards and large sections possibility.
    - Canter offers high capacity and precision.
  • Both use scanner optimization technology.
  • Scierie LORIN has a strategy of annual investment to keep equipment both up to date and of the highest quality.
  • Side boards specific line.

Grading system and packaging

  • Linck grading system and packaging
  • Visual grading system
    - The worker handles every products in order to grading and deciding re-cut optimization.
  • Automatic packaging

Planer, dryer and treatment area

  • Two dryers with an available capacity of 400 cbm per month.
  • Phytosanitary treatment.
  • Large section planer : up to 300x400 (eased-edged or not)
  • Class 2 treatment (preservation against fungus and humidity)